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It all began here

There was a time not long ago, when 4 fellows were once together. In a cruel twist of fate, they were separated, and each went their separate ways.

The First of them, wanted to be a third generation hawker, seeing how the trade had brought great riches to his family. He did well for himself.

The Second of them decided to sell houses and dreams, clocking in a 6 figure commission within his first two months in the industry. He did well for himself.

The Third decided to further his education but decided that the lure of a constant paycheck the from oil and gas industry was too hard to decline. He did well for himself.

However the last of them was in a dark place, surrounded by smoke and fire, in a grind for sustenance that never seemed to end.

It was odd that they got along, as the four of them were as different as could be.

Jon the Realtor was on the way to financial freedom.

The Giant of Haig Road was living a comfortable life, Rolex on his wrist as he deftly handled the wok and ladle for hours at a day, all the toil paying off.

Masjid boy was about to get married and start a family.

Daddy was hiding in a cave thinking of how to make money from every Singaporean alive (including the infants).

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